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Show the Loo allows you to find public loo's, right where and when you need it.

A search option provides handy access to all the loo's across Australia, if the loo's within direct proximity are not what you seek.

Detailed information such as opening hours, whether showers or baby-changing facilities are available, accessibility features and much more are provided as available to help you make your choice.

Once you have found a suitable loo, the app will provide you with detailed route information straight to it from within the app.

Disclaimers: Be aware that we understand the 'need for speed' with this app and are constantly improving performance wherever possible.

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Detailed information as available for each loo on whether it offers baby changing facility, showers, drinking water, sanitary disposal bins, sharp disposal bins and its accessibility features (includes information on MLAK and parking)

Search option provides handy access to all loo's across Australia

Results of search can be filtered by loo features, an easy way to find loo's that provide what you need

Interface enhanced to incorporate new data

A big Thank-You to the Government 2.0 taskforce and the Department of Health and Aging for making all toilet data available to the public !

Full support for iTouch and iPad coming soon.


  Detailed feature description:

  • Close-by loo's: Shows all loo's within 10km radius based on your current location
  • I'm busting button: for the ones who can't wait; instantly loads directions to the closest loo
  • Search: find loo's across Australia based on city/ town/ suburb name or postal code
  • Features of loo: detailed information on whether the selected loo has baby changing facility, showers, drinking water, sanitary disposal bins, sharp disposal bins available and its accessibility features (includes information on MLAK and parking)
  • Route to loo: receive step-by-step walking/driving directions from within the app
  • Distance to loo of choice: updated 'live' as you walk towards your destination
  • GPS accuracy on-screen: updates as the iPhone receives more accurate coordinates
  • Shake a loo: receive directions to a randomly selected loo somewhere in Australia and enjoy the discovery
  • Optimised for retina displays

Data made available by the Department of Health and Aging which is financing the collection of toilet data throughout Australia, most recently updated July 2010. We would like to acknowledge the work of the Government 2.0 taskforce in enabling government agencies to make these and other government data sets available to the Australian public.

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